Employers Are Struggling to Find Workers to Fill Jobs in the UK

Employers in the UK are looking for workers to fill their open positions. However, over 400 recruitment firms completed a survey and reported a drastic rise in hiring demand, leading to the unparalleled decline in the number of candidates available in June. As borders open, lockdowns cease, and the rush to reopen after the pandemic, […]

Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in the UK Are Available

Jobs Across the World - UK

Employers in the UK hired more permanent staff in one month at the fastest rate ever, according to a recent survey. The news is another sign that the British economy is on a swift rebound from the global pandemic. An increase in hiring for temporary UK jobs also hit a six-year high.  The Recruitment and […]

High-Speed Internet Expansion to Produce 5,300 UK Jobs

UK High Speed Internet

The UK government has communicated with telecom firms the need for ultra-fast broadband networks reaching every corner of the country.  To prepare for the additional work, Openreach is creating 5,300 jobs in the UK to help speed up the country’s broadband networks. Engineering jobs will account for 2,500 positions, and 2,800 construction jobs will make […]

Skilled Migrants Vital to UK Economic Growth

UK Economy

The UK understands that skilled migrants are essential to the economic growth of the country.  The new points-based UK immigration system is for European Union immigrants as well as non-European Union countries, such as India. Indian students’ groups and industries are broadly welcoming the new post-Brexit points-based system unveiled by Home Secretary Priti Patel. It […]

UK Jobs in Finance Have Risen in London Following Brexit

UK Finance

The initial warning that thousands of jobs would leave London after the 2016 Brexit vote has proven not true.  A Financial Times survey has reported 24 of the largest asset managers and international banks not only kept their staff but increased positions over the last five years. Brexit failed to impact the financial services district […]

UK Employment Opportunities for Tech Workers in Leeds


A study that analyzed UK cities with the largest number of tech jobs, not including London, reported Leeds as the third best city for open tech positions.  There are currently over 4,000 jobs available in the city. The only two cities ahead of Leeds are Cambridge and Manchester. When comparing the number of jobs available […]