UK Jobs in Finance Have Risen in London Following Brexit

The initial warning that thousands of jobs would leave London after the 2016 Brexit vote has proven not true. 

A Financial Times survey has reported 24 of the largest asset managers and international banks not only kept their staff but increased positions over the last five years. Brexit failed to impact the financial services district in London as previously thought in the beginning.

Nine out of the twelve largest asset managers increased hiring in the UK since the vote, with their total headcount increasing around 35 percent to over 10,000 employees during the timeframe. When you submit your resume to Jobs Across the World, a team of job hiring specialists will match your skillset with the perfect position. It doesn’t matter where you are located. 

Employees During The Timeframe!

Societe Generale chief executive Frederic Oudea admits there was an inevitable shift, but it was very moderate. His bank relocated 300 people to Paris from the City, while French rival BNP Paribas increased their staff in the UK. Goldman Sachs’ employees increased by 900 people since the vote and added an additional 500 positions for its core businesses and new consumer banking and cash management branches.

Japan’s MUFG in London added 400 new jobs. Three of the twelve large banks reduced their headcount from 71,000 to 65,000, but not due to Brexit. Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, and Nomura had group-wide restructurings that reduced their staff. Jobs Across the World is the best way to find the perfect position that matches your qualifications. Submit your resume today and wait to be contacted. You will be celebrating a new job and a new life in no time!

"Japan’s MUFG in London added 400 new jobs"

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