Economic Reasons Drive Central American Immigration to the US

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Economic factors are what drive the majority of Central Americans to immigration, according to a recent report. Over 90 percent of people surveyed from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador who wanted to immigrate internationally said the main reason was unemployment, not enough money for basic necessities and food, the need for a better job, working […]

People Working in America Want More Pay and Fewer Hours

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As American workers are quitting their jobs in record numbers, 4.3 million is August 2021, and 4.4 million in September, managers are trying to raise wages and offer incentives. A new survey is showing support for a four-day workweek.  A financial firm asked Americans between ages 22 to 35 who quit their jobs what could […]

Report Says 92% of Central Americans Relocate to US for Jobs

The global COVID pandemic has had a major effect on the economic conditions in Central America. Immigrants moving to America are coming for economic reasons, according to a recent report. The overwhelming majority of people across El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala reported a loss in income or employment during the crisis.  The number of households […]

The Workforce in Canada Is Ageing- This is why They Need You!

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Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) published infographics about the aging workforce in Canada. According to CCOHS, older workers tend to have lower turnover, emotional maturity, less need for supervision, and more. JobsAWorld operates the most innovative program used in the job-searching and employment field. Contact them today!

UK Employers Boost New Worker Wages

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Everyone across the UK has been affected by the staff shortages after the global pandemic. Now, competition for hires has brought on major pay increases, the most since the 1990s. The REC Chief Executive is urging the government in the UK to encourage business investment, avoid anything blocking international trade, improve skills training, and relax […]

UK Has One Million Job Openings and 4.6% Unemployment

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Employers in the UK are facing a challenge of widespread worker shortages from the lockdowns of the global pandemic. The number of payroll employees have risen by 241,000 in August 2021, raising employment in several regions of the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics. The number of UK job openings skyrocketed to over […]

How Many Farmers are There in Canada?

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Statistics Canada published information about employment in Canada by industry. And what did they find out? For example, In July 2021, 983,300 people were working in the transportation and warehousing industry. Another stat: 722,700 were employed in the business, building and other support services. Jobs Across the World is committed to helping job seekers and […]

Huge Demand for Manufacturing Workers

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According to MarketWatch, Americans are eating out again and planning vacations. At the same time, company owners are eager to fill roughly 1.6 million job opportunities, up 68 percent from February 2020. From February to April 2020, 1.4 million individuals were laid off or furloughed. Owners are filling 851,000 positions, a new high for the […]

Employers Are Struggling to Find Workers to Fill Jobs in the UK

Employers in the UK are looking for workers to fill their open positions. However, over 400 recruitment firms completed a survey and reported a drastic rise in hiring demand, leading to the unparalleled decline in the number of candidates available in June. As borders open, lockdowns cease, and the rush to reopen after the pandemic, […]