Employers Are Struggling to Find Workers to Fill Jobs in the UK

Employers in the UK are looking for workers to fill their open positions. However, over 400 recruitment firms completed a survey and reported a drastic rise in hiring demand, leading to the unparalleled decline in the number of candidates available in June. As borders open, lockdowns cease, and the rush to reopen after the pandemic, bottlenecks are happening across all sectors. The UK government’s post-Brexit immigration laws are also causing a slow-down in potential workers. 

According to official records, close to 1.5 million workers are still furloughed, with Covid-19 restrictions still limiting the full number of employees returning to work in the UK. If you are looking for a job opportunity and willing to relocate, submit your resume to Jobs Across the World. After submitting your resume, you will be sent available positions that match your skillset. It doesn’t matter where you are located.

UK recruitment firms have reported the hiring challenges are not limited to only one sector but are across the board. Shortfalls are in transport and logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, and construction. Not only are businesses having trouble hiring cleaners, warehouse staff, kitchen porters, and chefs, but the latest reports show the shortages are spreading to higher-paying industries such as accounting, engineering, finance, and IT. 

The labor shortages are having an effect on employers as they need to increase wages to fill jobs in the UK. The debate is whether these pressures will translate into a permanently tighter labor market. Jobs Across the World has a team of specialists and an online platform to help match your qualifications with the perfect open position around the world. Contact them today and begin the process!