High-Speed Internet Expansion to Produce 5,300 UK Jobs

The UK government has communicated with telecom firms the need for ultra-fast broadband networks reaching every corner of the country. 

To prepare for the additional work, Openreach is creating 5,300 jobs in the UK to help speed up the country’s broadband networks. Engineering jobs will account for 2,500 positions, and 2,800 construction jobs will make up the rest. The company is aiming to connect 20 million firms and homes by the late 2020s.

Construction Jobs Will Make Up The Rest!

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The full-fiber network is going into 40,000 businesses and homes every week, but will increase to 50,000 structures by the end of next year to stay on target. According to the Center for Economics and Business Research, UK productivity would rise by $59 billion by 2025, while an updated model shows it could allow close to one million people access to employment.


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