Additional 225,000 People Working in America During January

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An addition of 225,000 US jobs in January 2020 showed a strong sign of strength for the economy Even with the unemployment rate slightly increasing to 3.6 percent, the jobless rate has stayed close to a 50-year record low. Construction and health care were the sectors with the most robust US job growth, as well […]

The 10 Top Cities for Finding Technology Jobs in America

SmartAsset ranked the top ten cities for finding tech jobs in the US. They used data from 172 cities and compared it to five metrics: average tech salaries, unemployment rate for those with a bachelor’s degree or higher, percentage of the local population employed in IT, ratios of tech salaries to average salaries across all […]

High-Paying Careers in Malaysia

If you are looking for a job in Malaysia, do not pick one based on position alone, since salaries vary significantly across industries and locations.