There are several good reasons to change jobs. Recent data says in a healthy economy, employees can see an eight to ten percent boost in income when going from one company to another. Staying at the same company for more than two years could actually cost you 50 percent or more in lifetime wages. That is a good reason to keep moving around. If you are considering switching jobs for a better opportunity, it is critical to do it the right way. Jobs Across the World connects employers with job-seekers every day. After submitting your resume, you receive job openings to your inbox.

As tempting as it is to accept an offer when a new company offers a substantial wage increase, take time to think about whether the position is the right one for you and your family. Money doesn’t always mean happiness. Make sure the job keeps you on the career path you want to go. If it ends up in a dead-end role, it will not benefit you at all. Be careful not to job-hop too often. Staying at a job for a year or longer will make sure you do not appear flaky or non-committal. When you do decide to leave your company for a better opportunity, it is important to resign professionally. Do your best to give your boss at least two weeks’ notice, and even offer to be available even after leaving. Be sure to job-hop the right way so that moving around can benefit your career in the long run. Jobs Across the World is committed to helping employers and job-seekers across the globe to connect anytime and anywhere.

Ontario Group Seeks US Technology Workers for Jobs in Canada

The Waterloo, Ontario, tech sector hopes a $100,000 billboard campaign in California will lure misplaced tech workers to Canada. The recent suspension of the H-1B visa, popular among tech workers, has caused many not to be able to stay in the United States. Communitech is taking advantage of the opportunity …

Canadian Employment Increased by 952,000 in June 2020

Close to an additional one million Canadians had jobs in June, according to Statistics Canada Businesses forced to shut their doors by the COVID-19 pandemic are beginning to reopen, and the nation is recouping their losses from March and April. A job force survey released by Statistics Canada reported 952,000 …

Canada Benefits From Opening Its Doors to Foreign Workers

Canada’s big welcome to foreign skilled talent has aided in the reversal of immigrants heading south to the United States and contributed to the Canadian tech sector’s fast growth in the country Pre-pandemic, multinational and domestic tech firms based in Canada were hiring talent at a rapid pace. Toward the …

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