Employers Seek Workers with These Top Job Skills


You can learn something from every professional experience you have.  If you are applying for your first job or reaching for a promotion, you should enter the role with confidence showing transferable skills that you have learned throughout your life. The top three skills most employers are looking for are ones you have probably been […]

Workers Are Needed for US Jobs at These Companies

JobsAWorld: Workers needed

Even as some companies are slowing down or closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several are still hiring and seeing growth One such company, LeanPlum, is looking for eight to ten employees to fill open positions, according to VP Kerri Corley. The main focus is on the product development team in Sofia, Bulgaria, along with […]

Additional 225,000 People Working in America During January

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An addition of 225,000 US jobs in January 2020 showed a strong sign of strength for the economy Even with the unemployment rate slightly increasing to 3.6 percent, the jobless rate has stayed close to a 50-year record low. Construction and health care were the sectors with the most robust US job growth, as well […]

Top Places to Work in Canada During 2020 

If you are looking for a top company to work for in Canada during 2020, Canada’s Top 100 Employers released an excellent list to choose from. These places of employment have built top-notch organizations and the best practices are the norm. Progressive programs push past the status quo to make the workplace better for every […]