Top Places to Work in Canada During 2020 

If you are looking for a top company to work for in Canada during 2020, Canada’s Top 100 Employers released an excellent list to choose from. These places of employment have built top-notch organizations and the best practices are the norm. Progressive programs push past the status quo to make the workplace better for every worker. All 100 companies invest in their employees’ growth by offering career development opportunities. The tireless team of career development experts at Jobs Across the World will help you get hired for the position you deserve. You will receive personalized jobs directly to your inbox as they are posted.

Enbridge Inc. is a natural gas distribution company with 8,152 employees. They invest in the future of the workforce with in-house apprenticeships and skilled trades programs. ESIT Advanced Solutions Inc, located in Victoria, is a computer systems design service with 480 employees. They encourage their workers to ride their bikes to work and offer a secure bicycle storage lock-up area. Fidelity Canada employs 1,084 people. They have excellent maternity and parental leave top-up payments, including for adoptive parents.

Ford offers discounts

Ford Motor Company of Canada offers major discounts on new vehicles with a formal new vehicle purchase plan for all employees. Galvanize, a custom computer programming service, offers 125 alternative workspaces and options to encourage employee collaboration, communication, and movement. Hatch Ltd. hosts a yearly health and wellness day in November featuring several exhibitors and onsite clinics. Submit your resume to Jobs Across the World to find the best job opportunity for you. They will match your application to open positions that suit your qualifications.