How to Reply to a Common Job Interview Question

Knowing how to respond to interview questions plays a large part in how likely you are to be offered the position. Employers are interested in hiring workers who are genuinely interested in working for them, so it is essential to expand on parts of the job you will love so you will not be eliminated from the running. Jobs Across the World can connect with you with a position you have always dreamed of having. It doesn’t matter where the company is located or your home base.

CNBC contributor and best-selling management author Suzy Welch says that even when interviewing for a job that is less than ideal, you never show it to the hiring manager. She said, “A lot of times the job you’re interviewing for isn’t your dream job, but you need to say it is.” An honest answer helps an interviewer narrow their search for the right employee, but it can negatively impact you as the one who is eager to land the job.

Co-owners of Watershed Hospitality, Justin Herrick, and Adam Lowenstein, wanted to hire a catering and events sales manager. They were looking for an employee with super communication skills, sales, and restaurant experience, and were interested in hearing the candidate’s long-term goals. One applicant mentioned their dream job was to be a sports agent. Even when Lowenstein commented the position had nothing to do with sports, the applicant commented with, “Show me the money.” Needless to say, this person did not land the job. JobsAWorld joins skilled job seekers with the best employers. Contact them!