Workers Learn Skills Online for High-Demand Jobs in Africa

Wits University has led the way in offering massive open online courses (MOOC) after complaints from African employers that students are not receiving enough training for work in the marketplace. All African countries are experiencing both a skills shortage and a major youth unemployment challenge. Now several universities are creating courses hoping to support access to education for women, a network between institutions, and make access to education accessible to everyone. If you are considering relocating for work, Jobs Across the World will match your resume with open positions. With today’s interconnected worldwide economy, it is simple for workers to go where the ideal position is.

With the decline in youth unemployment, the MOCC is helping to bridge the gap for African companies and a lack of workers. Seth Trudeau from the African Leadership University said employers are seeking graduates who can think for themselves, integrate quickly into fast-paced work environments, be adaptable to new ways of working and come up with creative solutions to real life problems. “These abilities depend more on how they were taught than what they learned,” said Trudeau. Some countries with internet speed and copyright issues are struggling when trying to embrace the idea. A few of the available courses are infrastructure and development, agriculture and the environment, and food and beverages. With the job opportunities available globally, consider submitting your resume to JobsAWorld. Once you set up an online profile, you can apply for any job that matches your skill set, no matter the location of the company.