Popular Jobs in the Technology Sector for “Non-Tech” Workers 

There are many job opportunities available in the technology sector, even if you don’t have a background or education in the tech field. Degrees in human resources or business will land you a job in a tech company, and you will bring home a good salary. One such position is a sales manager who will earn over $117,000 annually. A bachelor’s degree in business is recommended, along with skills in leadership, sales experience, and performance management. If you are looking for the perfect job opportunity, no matter where in the world it is located, contact Jobs Across the World. All international resumes are welcomed.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing and have excellent written and verbal communication skills, you could land a job as a business development manager at a tech company. The annual wage is close to $116,000. This is a hybrid sales-marketing role. The third position on the list is a sales representative. If your skill set is selling products and services to customers and gaining new prospects via cold calling, this job is for you. A business degree is recommended. Another job with good pay is a human resources manager. You would recruit and hire new employees, manage employee benefits, and help shape the workplace culture. You will need a bachelor’s degree in human resources and bring home over $100,000 per year. Contact Jobs Across the World and they will match your skill set with the best employer. They are dedicated to helping you get hired for the perfect job to match your qualifications.