Report Says 92% of Central Americans Relocate to US for Jobs

The global COVID pandemic has had a major effect on the economic conditions in Central America. Immigrants moving to America are coming for economic reasons, according to a recent report. The overwhelming majority of people across El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala reported a loss in income or employment during the crisis.  The number of households […]

Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs in the UK Are Available

Jobs Across the World - UK

Employers in the UK hired more permanent staff in one month at the fastest rate ever, according to a recent survey. The news is another sign that the British economy is on a swift rebound from the global pandemic. An increase in hiring for temporary UK jobs also hit a six-year high.  The Recruitment and […]

Which Jobs will be Relevant in a few Years? Watch

Future Job

Following the 2020 pandemic, many jobs have become automatic. The next video is going to show you the future map of employment demand:Which sectors will disappear and which one going to increase in 2021? JobsAworld has selected an important video that will complete all the puzzle pieces you are missing about future jobs. Watch now: […]

Hispanic Women Have Growing Influence in US Economy

Hispanic women are on the rise in the US workforce and are expected to continue the trend By 2028, experts have forecast Latinas to total more than nine percent of the total labor force in the United States, a rise from 7.5 percent in 2018. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says both Latino men and […]

Popular Jobs in the Technology Sector for “Non-Tech” Workers 

There are many job opportunities available in the technology sector, even if you don’t have a background or education in the tech field. Degrees in human resources or business will land you a job in a tech company, and you will bring home a good salary. One such position is a sales manager who will […]