Workers Are Needed for US Jobs at These Companies

JobsAWorld: Workers needed

Even as some companies are slowing down or closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several are still hiring and seeing growth One such company, LeanPlum, is looking for eight to ten employees to fill open positions, according to VP Kerri Corley. The main focus is on the product development team in Sofia, Bulgaria, along with […]

Hispanic Women Have Growing Influence in US Economy

Hispanic women are on the rise in the US workforce and are expected to continue the trend By 2028, experts have forecast Latinas to total more than nine percent of the total labor force in the United States, a rise from 7.5 percent in 2018. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says both Latino men and […]

America’s Best Careers for 2020

Although many jobs are very different and do not match our skillset, many of the best jobs have a few attributes in common. These good jobs challenge us year after year, and they pay well, they match our skills and talents, aren’t too stressful, provide a satisfying work-life balance, and offer room to advance throughout […]

America’s Highest-Paying Occupations for Men

Jobs Across the World has found some interesting facts about U.S. jobs for men. There are many high paying occupations for men in the United States. The top five highest-paying U.S. jobs for men all pay over $100,000. Men who work in the USA as surgeons, pharmacists, architectural and engineering managers, and lawyers, can expect […]