America’s Highest-Paying Occupations for Men

Jobs Across the World has found some interesting facts about U.S. jobs for men. There are many high paying occupations for men in the United States. The top five highest-paying U.S. jobs for men all pay over $100,000. Men who work in the USA as surgeons, pharmacists, architectural and engineering managers, and lawyers, can expect to earn six-figure salaries.

Many of these top-paying occupations require skills or experience in STEM, which are fields where men make up the majority of the workforce. Jobs Across the World is committed to helping employers and job-seekers connect. It doesn’t matter where you live or where the job is located. You submit your resume and they help find the best position available for your skill set. Contact them today!

Chief executive tops the list for the highest-paying U.S. job for men. They make an estimated annual wage of $125,580. Physicians/surgeons have median weekly earnings of $2,277. The 107,000 men who are pharmacists bring home a yearly salary of $115,856. Men who are lawyers, a total of 444,000 of them in the U.S., receive median weekly salaries of $2,105. Ranked fifth for the highest-paying job in the U.S. for men is architectural and engineering managers who make $2,020 weekly.

Computer and information systems managers make an estimated annual salary of $98,330 if they are men. Men in the field of aerospace engineering make close to $98,000 per year. The 1,174,000 men who are software developers have a median weekly salary of $1,863. Ranking number 9 is a computer hardware engineer. This U.S. job position has annual earnings of $93,236. The tenth highest ranked job position for men is an information security analyst. Seventy-four thousand men are holding this position and they make a salary of $1,773 per week.

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