America’s Best Careers for 2020

Although many jobs are very different and do not match our skillset, many of the best jobs have a few attributes in common. These good jobs challenge us year after year, and they pay well, they match our skills and talents, aren’t too stressful, provide a satisfying work-life balance, and offer room to advance throughout our career. These factors were used by U.S. News to decide on the 100 Best Jobs of 2020.

Number 1 Job Is Software Engineer – Median Salary 103,620$

Software Developer was ranked the number one job out of 100. This position requires one to be creative, innovative, and technical. The average median salary is $103,620. Ranking number two on the list is Dentist. You will need a doctorate degree to fulfill this role. The Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees 7.6 percent growth in employment for Dentists and an additional 10,400 jobs becoming available. Physician Assistant, a role that works under doctors to care for the sick, ranked number three. PA’s need a master’s degree and bring home an annual salary of $108,610.

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The fourth-ranked best job is staying in the medical field as an Orthodontist. The median salary for this position is $208,000. Nurse Practitioner is the fifth-best job out of 100 positions. NP’s perform many of the same duties as doctors but only require a master’s degree. There are projected 53,300 jobs available in this field.  Statistician, ranking sixth, is the science of using data to arrive at decisions. The median salary in the field is about $88,000.

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