Canadian Economy Beats Expectations as Jobs and Wages Soar 

Canada is en route to one of the best years ever in job gains. The economy grew by 53,700 positions last month, according to Statistics Canada. Since December of last year, there have been over 358,000 jobs posted, making it the most since 2002. Close to 300,000 of those jobs have been full-time positions. A chief economist at CIBC World Markets Inc., said, “Canada’s labor market seems to have been vaccinated against the global economic flu going around.” Jobs Across the World will match your qualifications with open jobs all around the globe and keep you updated on postings that match your skillset. It does not matter where you or the position is located. All international applications are welcome. Contact them today!

The unemployment rate has dropped to 5.5 percent, making it near the lowest mark in the past 40 years. Economists had predicted only 7,500 jobs in September, and the unemployment rate to remain the same. Not only are jobs increasing in Canada, so are the paychecks. Hourly wages were up by 4.3 percent from a year ago. This has been the most robust year-over-year increase in ten years. The tireless team at Jobs Across the World has a goal of helping you get hired for the job you want and deserve no matter where you or the company is located. You will receive personalized jobs sent directly to your inbox. It is easy to apply by using your Jobs Across the World profile. Contact them today and celebrate your new achievement!