WATCH: The Labor Market in America is Remaining Steady

Although there may be signs of the global economy slowing, the labor market in America is remaining steady. The unemployment rate dropped to 3.5 percent in September 2019, which is the lowest number since the last month of 1969. There was a vigorous hiring spree in transportation, health care, professional services, and local and state […]

Canadian Economy Beats Expectations as Jobs and Wages Soar 

Canada is en route to one of the best years ever in job gains. The economy grew by 53,700 positions last month, according to Statistics Canada. Since December of last year, there have been over 358,000 jobs posted, making it the most since 2002. Close to 300,000 of those jobs have been full-time positions. A […]

The 10 Top Cities for Finding Technology Jobs in America

SmartAsset ranked the top ten cities for finding tech jobs in the US. They used data from 172 cities and compared it to five metrics: average tech salaries, unemployment rate for those with a bachelor’s degree or higher, percentage of the local population employed in IT, ratios of tech salaries to average salaries across all […]

Workers Confident to Quit US Jobs to Get Higher Pay

Job openings in America are remaining elevated, which indicates there is a shortage of skilled employees, as the labor market is close to full employment. Hiring saw an increase to 5.8 million in May, rising one-tenth of a percentage point, which is the highest rate since 2007. In May, there was a job for each […]