Construction Worker Makes Music Video to Help Him Move to Canada

The Federal Skilled Trades Program has some limitations that sometimes make it hard for immigrants to bypass. Ravi Jain, the chair of the Canadian Bar Association National Immigration Law Section, is lobbying for changes to the program, which would lower the English requirement. This simple step would make it easier for people like Wilman Antonio Guerrero, a Colombian tradesman, to find a job in Canada. He has currently sent over 200 applications to companies in Canada, but has not received one bite. His dream is to move to Canada, so his children and family can have a better life. Submit your resume to Jobs Across the World. Their team will match your skills with the perfect position you deserve.

Hoping to catch the attention of a company in need of a skilled tradesman, Guerrero produced a song and music video in his home village. He not only has highlighted his skills as a tradesman, but showed the rougher side of living in his country. He has spent a big part of his life moving from village to village, trying to find a better quality of life. He is always hearing about companies in Canada needing skilled workers, so he taught himself English to try and meet any entry requirements. His video has 9,000 views on Facebook since it was posted two months ago. He knows it is a longshot, but he is refusing to give up. If you are looking for a better job to provide for yourself and your family, contact Jobs Across the World. They will match your skillset with a job, no matter where it is located.