Major US Airline Wants to Hire 8,000 Pilots

Calling all ticket agents, flight attendants, and other employees of Delta Air Lines, who would consider becoming a pilot for the company! The second-largest United States airline is growing concerned about a shortage of pilots. To combat the decline in those at the cockpit controls, they are offering workers a chance to take a leave of absence, unpaid, to attend flight school and receive a job as a Delta pilot. If you would consider relocating for a job position, contact JobsAWorld. They will match your qualifications with the perfect job, no matter where it is located.

Delta is estimating that it will be in need of over 8,000 pilots over the next ten years, as the ranks of over 13,000 retire due to the federally mandated retirement age or leaving for other companies. The new initiative is one aspect of a more extensive program Delta has begun that includes certain job offers for college students. Air travel demand is on the rise worldwide, however, pilots are aging and retiring from the profession in greater numbers. The low starting salaries and high cost of training are obstacles in the field. The world’s largest airplane manufacturer, Boeing, says there will be a worldwide need for over 600,000 pilots by 2036 with 18 percent of them being in America. If you are willing to move for a job, submit your resume to JobsAWorld. They will help you find the perfect job no matter where it is located. Their team of experts will answer any questions you have about the process. Contact them today!