Large Percentage of Immigrants Earn Top Salaries in the UK

Much of the worries about immigrants in the UK is about them being at the bottom of wage earners. But current information shows immigrants are highly represented at the top of the income earners and are actually paying more taxes. The showing of newcomers is even more drastic among the very high-income earners, according to Arun Advani of Cage, a research center focused on inequality. Advani commented that before beginning his research, he predicted immigrants would be over-represented in the high earners’ bracket since so many foreign-born people are employed in technology, medicine, and finance. But he was very shocked at the actual imbalance.

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The research by Advani’s team shows the number of high-paid immigrants is on the move and fast. From 1997 to 2018, the number of migrants at the top of the scale grew by 52 percent. Over 85 percent of the increase in the UK’s top one percent income share over the past two decades can be linked to immigration. The information reported that one-fourth of the top-paid bankers were not born in the UK, and close to 40 percent of the highest-paid employees at UK hospitals are immigrants.

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Increase in the number of migrants at the top of the scale

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