Foreign Workers Immigrate to Canada Through Manitoba’s PNP

Sathiyaseela Ramesh and her family tried for many years to find a way to leave India and relocate to Canada. Their way was finally found through a recruitment program offered by a small community in south-central Manitoba. The city of Morden has seen its population almost double in the past ten years and mostly because of foreign workers relocating under the Provincial Nominee Program. Ramesh said it is not easy to relocate to Canada without a friend or relative connection or a Canadian job offer. She came on an exploratory visit, received a job offer, and then was nominated to obtain permanent residence status in Canada. If you are able to relocate for the perfect job opportunity, submit your resume to JobsAWorld. They will match your skills with a position right for you.

Shelly Voth, the immigration coordinator for Morden, believes the change in the community is for the better. The school system has children from many different cultures, and it is a great way to integrate the families. The town is friendly and open and enjoys the diversity. The city has had an 11 percent increase and has reached 9,000 in population. The diversity is evident at a business in Morden, Deasil Custom Sewing, where employers make coats and vests for an international clothing brand. Over 90 percent of the workers are immigrants, and the majority of them came through the provincial nominee program offered by Manitoba. Ron Funk, owner of the company, said they have plenty of work, they just have trouble finding enough workers. “Having the immigrants coming to our facility and taking the training and having them help us is essentially determining our growth,” he said. The fast-track option allows provinces and territories to nominate those who want to immigrate to Canada and are interested in a particular province, which can boost the economy. Each province and territory has its own criteria and programs targeted to groups such as business people, students, semi-skilled or skilled workers who will contribute to economic growth. Jobs Across the World will help you find the best position for you, no matter where you are located or the job opportunity. Contact them today!