Watch: Best Cities in Canada for Employment in the Tech Sector

According to The 2019 Canadian Tech Talent Report, these are the top five cities for employment in the tech sector:

  1. Toronto – Topped the list with almost 230,000 tech workers. The city received an A+ for the quality of labor.
  2. Ottawa – Close to ten percent of the workforce in Ottawa works in the tech field.
  3. Vancouver – Vancouver has over 75,000 tech workers, but that number is on the rise. The arrival of Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple continue to fuel the market.
  4. Waterloo – Scored high for labor quality and has grown over 40 percent in the past five years in tech positions.
  5. Montreal – The city has the second-highest number of tech jobs in Canada with just over 130,000 and experienced 14.6 percent growth in tech positions from 2013 to 2018.
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