Women Encouraged to Work in UK Digital Sector

The lack of skilled tech workers in the UK costs the country over $87 billion annually, with at least 600,000 openings in the digital sector. 

Tech jobs are available in every industry. Women, teachers, mothers, midwives, actors and individuals in other occupations are realizing they don’t have to have backgrounds in math or the tech sector to retrain and start a new career path. Many say gaining new tech skills gives them more balance, status, and a professional future, instead of finding work in the hectic job market.

Openings In The Digital Sector!

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A new company has created a course to help people train in the tech field as junior developers to help with the shortage. Close to 40 percent of those taking the 12-week course have an arts or humanities degree, while 25 percent have no degree at all. The ages range from those in their late teens to people in their 50s. Since the global pandemic, interest in digital careers has been on the rise, with over 50 percent of non-tech workers considering jumping into the sector, according to research by a tech recruitment firm.

"Since the global pandemic, interest in digital careers has been on the rise"

Are you interested in working in the digital industry?

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