You Could Start a Business in America Just Like These Immigrants!

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Immigration has been described as the foundation of America’s identity

Immigrants are persistent, entrepreneurial, and more resilient than the average person. Although the following founders faced more hardship than most, they managed to start companies in the U.S., benefiting our society and economy. Chipper Cash, co-founded by Ham Serunjogi and Maijid Moujaled, allows for immediate mobile money transfers across Africa. The two met in the United States while attending college, a long way from their homes in Africa. After graduation, both had to leave the country. After many more hurdles and starting their company, they were able to return to the country they both loved.

Founder and CEO of Mobile Action, Aykut Karaalioglu, is originally from Turkey. Immediately after graduation from college in Turkey, Aykut purchased a one-way ticket and relocated to San Francisco. He started working in retail sales and began taking online growth hacking classes to learn about acquisition specialists. After publishing a how-to post on Quora, eBay took notice and offered him a position. His dream of being an entrepreneur took the front seat, and he told eBay they could hire his company. He quickly came up with a name, quit his retail job, and got to work. MobileAction now has over 200,000 app companies with teams in London, Japan, and New York.

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