Surge of 273,000 New US Jobs Surpasses Expectations

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The growth of 273,000 new jobs in the United States was higher than expected by many economists

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, along with the increase of jobs, January’s average hourly earnings increased to $28.52, a rise of nine cents. Over the past 12 months, the overall average hourly wages have increased by three percent. A senior economist told ABC News that February’s jobs report did exceed predictions, showing strong US job growth. He said it was like looking in a rearview mirror at a market untouched by the coronavirus outbreak.

New Jobs in January

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Notable job increases happened in the healthcare and social assistance fields, with an added 57,000 US jobs and 52,000 positions were added at food and drink establishments. Government employment rose by 45,000 jobs and construction added 42,000 positions. Technical and professional services added 32,000 jobs in the US and financial activities added 26,000 positions. The February jobs report also showed revised numbers for December and January. An increase of 85,000 US jobs was shown in those two months.

Jobs Increase Beyond Expectations

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