Canadian Career Opportunities Available in Aviation Sector

Canada is trying to find an answer to the challenge of not having enough workers in the aviation industry, from pilots to workers overall. At a forum in Ottawa, it was reported that flight school could cost close to $75,000 to reach a level of training needed to be employed and the schools can be far from home. Indigenous people and women are poorly represented at all levels of the aviation sector, plus younger pilots have to work their way up the ladder until they are able to fly larger aircraft. There are many opportunities available for you in Canada. Submit your application to Jobs Across the World to be matched with the perfect position you deserve.

By 2025, there will be a “critical shortage” of over 3,000 pilots. The Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace’s director of project management said if new laws limiting flying hours to lessen pilots’ fatigue are passed, the shortage of pilots will be even higher. In addition to pilots, there are aircraft maintenance techs, composite fabricators, engineers, and avionics technicians who are in short supply right now. One issue being experienced is that young people in school are not aware of the many career opportunities in the field. It will be necessary for guidance counselors to promote the career paths for students. Robert Donald with the CCAA said it is vital to get the message out to the younger generation that high-skill, high-paying jobs are available for graduates in the aviation field. If you are looking for a new career path, submit your resume to Jobs Across the World. They have a team of experts who will match your skill set with the perfect position, no matter where it is located.