Looking for Work in the US High-Tech Sector? Try These 5 Cities!

If you are looking for a job in the United States high-tech sector, look at Boston, San Diego, Seattle, San Jose, or the San Francisco area.

These five regions draw educated people and investment money from all around the world and have seen 90 percent of all the country’s growth in the “innovation sector.” The Brookings Institution defines the innovation field as employment in the top technology, science, math, and engineering industries, which includes development spending and extensive research.

A senior policy director at The Brooking’s Institute, Mark Muro, said the tech sector has a strong dependence on agglomeration or network effects. Because of that, the regions draw more workers, taking from other areas. “It has become so efficient to have clusters of sophisticated activity workers in one place that the rich tend to get richer in these economies, Muro said.

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