Top 10 Cities for Finding Technology Jobs in Canada 

The 2019 Canadian Tech Talent Report ranked Canada’s top cities for the tech sector. The report ranked the cities based on cost competitiveness, quality of labor, and talent availability. 

The number one city on the report is Toronto. The city has 228,500 tech workers and received an A+ for the quality of labor. There is 8.3 percent of the labor field working in the tech sector and the city had a 54 percent increase in talent growth. If you are ready to relocate for a better job opportunity, submit your resume to Jobs Across the World. They will match your resume with an open position. It doesn’t matter where you or the job is located. 

Ottawa ranked second

Ottawa ranked second, where close to ten percent of the city’s workforce is in the tech market, making it the highest in North America. Canada’s capital city has 64,500 tech workers, which is good for a government city. Vancouver ranked third with just over 75,000 tech workers, but the number is skyrocketing. The city received an A+ for quality of tech talent and has had a 42.6 percent five-year growth rate in the tech sector.

The Waterloo area has experienced close to 40 percent growth in tech positions over five years. The region has over 20,000 tech workers. Ranked fifth, Montreal has 130,200 tech workers, but isn’t experiencing high growth in the market. Calgary received an A for tech labor quality, but has had a decline in workers. Jobs Across the World will match your resume with open positions all over the world and keep you updated on new postings.